Article Headers


The following were illustration headers used for various VICE articles. Click the images to read!


The Ultimate Guide to Weed, According to Your Zodiac Sign By Sophie Saint Thomas

Weekly Horoscope: February 2018 By Annabel Gat

The Best Things About Dating a Pisces By Leila Ettachfini

The Luxury Dark Web Trade of Disneyland Tickets and Dinners for Two By Joseph Cox

Welcome to Motherboard Luxury Week By Nicholas Deleon

Gay People Tell Us the Questions They Absolutely Hate Being Asked By Khalid El Khatib

A Secret Gay Language Has Gone Mainstream in the Philippines By Jon Shadel

I Celebrated My Honeymoon at Berghain’s Notorious Gay Sex Club By Jeff Leavell


Internal Presentation


The following was an educational animation for an internal presentation about a new workflow.